General Education Courses at
thaddeus stevens college


CIS 105 (3 credits)
Introduction to CAD

Provides an introduction to the use of computer software used to draw. Students will learn introductory AutoCAD® commands used to create basic geometric shapes and editing functions used to modify geometry. Measuring and distance specifications for objects will be taught along with text creation for use in notes and specifications. Students will also learn to use image transfer software that will convert pictures and images into line geometry. (NOTE: ARCH and MET students may not take this course without consent of their respective program faculty members.)

CIS 111 (3 credits)
Introduction to Computer Applications

Introduction to applications for use in the work and college environment. Students will obtain skills in the latest personal computer software. Activities consist of hands-on exercises using the operating system, word processing, spreadsheet, database management and presentation programs.

CIS 206 (3 credits)
Microsoft Word®

This course is comprehensive in that it covers everything from introductory material, creating a document in Word®, to the very complex, such as creating a Web page. There is a strong emphasis on using Internet information in creating documents. This is the complete Word® course and students will be prepared to take the MOUS exams at course completion. A background in Word® is helpful, but not required.

CIS 211 (3 credits)
Microsoft Excel®

This is the comprehensive course in Excel®. It contains everything from basic introductory material (a simple spreadsheet) to complex business formulas and mapping procedures. The student, upon completion, will be prepared to take the MOUS exam for Excel® certification. Students should have a fundamental understanding of spreadsheets to take this course.