General Education at
Thaddeus stevens college


ENG 106 (3 credits)
Composition I

Develops fluency in writing. Creates interest in and respect for proper usage, sentence structure, and precise expression.

ENG 111 (3 credits)
Writing for Publication

Explores various components of writing for publication including creative journalism, fictional writing, news gathering, interviewing, and editing as well as an analysis of modern theories and practices.

ENG 116 (3 credits)
Short Story and Poetry

Analysis of a variety of short stories and poems with an emphasis on developing interpretive skills. Special attention given to individual presentations and class discussion.

ENG 216 (3 credits)
Technical Report Writing

Presents technical subject matter with emphasis on intensive practice in the various methods of expository writing. Attention given to various technical forms, including instruction, proposal, progress, and feasibility reports. Prerequisite: ENG 106 or instructor permission

ENG 221 (3 credits)
Public Speaking

Modes of speech communication, including demonstration, information, persuasion, and interview.

ENG 230 (3 credits)
Composition II

Writing expository prose. Presents writing problems and advice on resolution. Different kinds of writing situations, including a research project. Prerequisite: ENG 106

ENG 240 (3 credits)
Introduction to Drama and Analysis

Comprehensive view of dramatic literature of the American and foreign theater through the analysis of selected plays.

ENG 250 (3 credits)
Introduction to Folklore

Techniques of collecting, analyzing, and preserving folklore. Covers folk art; folk architecture and material culture; folk beliefs; folk music and ballads; and folk narratives. Individual collecting projects encouraged.

ENG 255 (3 credits)
Short Contemporary Novel

Essential components of fiction, including character, theme, plot, setting, narrative technique, symbolism, irony, style, and social significance.