Future Machinist

What Is a Machinist?

Machine Tool and Computer Aided manufacturing is the design and creation of products based on drawings provided by drafters and engineers. Machinists work with their minds and hands to make parts for most things we encounter in everyday life.

Examples of products created are: cars, computers, toys, guns, machines, robots, farm equipment, guitars, concert and show sets, tools and much more.

In considering this career, it will pay you significant dividends if you earn a two year degree in this field. It makes you extremely employable upon graduation from a two year accredited technical College, like Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology in Lancaster, PA. Machinists are one of the most in demand positions in manufacturing, because of a shortage of well trained

and skilled craftsmen. Because of this you also earn a significant starting wage and benefits in a rewarding career. Traditionally, companies will advertise this position under the job titles of CNC Operator, CNC Programmer, and Tool & Die Maker.

Through partnerships between Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology and local industry, The Future Machinist Sponsorship Program was created to encourage people to enter this high-skill and high-demand profession. If you like high technology and computers; have an ability to understand and work with computer CAD programs; enjoy developing, designing and producing some of the most important components of well-known products; work in a clean working atmosphere; and seek a lifestyle you can enjoy and afford… a career in Machine Tool and Computer Aided Manufacturing is a career of opportunity for you.

What is The Future Machinist Sponsorship Program (FMSP)? 

The Future Machinist Sponsorship Program (FMSP) brings together college scholarship money, hands-on work opportunities, and guaranteed employment. Qualified applicants are eligible for money to cover tuition, lab fees, books and educational supplies. Scholarship recipients will be required to sign a contractual work agreement with a sponsor, stating they will work a paid internship for the sponsoring company during the summer between the student’s first and second year at Thaddeus Stevens College.

The overall goal for the Future Machinist Scholarship Program is to assist students in obtaining a degree in Machine Tool Technology. This scholarship has been created to help pay the balance remaining after all federal and state funding has been applied to qualified expenses.  Be sure to check whether you are eligible for additional aid through FAFSA.

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