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Thaddeus Stevens 225th Birthday Week Celebration

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Lancaster, PA – During the week of April 3, 2017, Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology celebrated Thaddeus Stevens’s 225th Birthday – from cupcakes to historical seminars, it was a week Thaddeus Stevens himself would be proud of.

Thaddeus Stevens was born on April 4, 1792 with a clubfoot that made it very difficult to walk. However, he did not let his physical challenges get the best of him. Over the years, Thaddeus Stevens became a landlord, teacher, lawyer, and a powerful politician who fought for the equal rights of all people.

The mission of Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology aims to honor the legacy of Thaddeus Stevens by educating Pennsylvania's economically and socially disadvantaged as well as other qualified students for skilled employment in a diverse, ever changing workforce and for full effective participation as citizens.

Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology welcomed Dr. Kathy Brabson, author of, Life of Thad Stevens: What Part of “All Men Are Created Equal” Do You Not Understand? and Thaddeus Stevens Society President, Ross Hetrick, as they discussed not only the life of Thaddeus Stevens but also the groundwork to preserving his legacy for the future. The College ended Thaddeus Stevens's Birthday Week with a graveside ceremony at his grave site at Shreiner Cemetery.

The top Alumni Bowl-a-Thon bowlers:

  1. Kyle Kroptavich, Electrical Technology '17, 224 pts.
  2. Dominik Bouman, CNSA Technology '19, 201 pts.
  3. Kyle Cunningham, Cabinetmaking & Wood Technology '17, 191 pts. 

The Thaddeus Stevens Essay Award Contest:

The Jack and Helen Gorelick Award, established through this essay contest on September 3, 2000, was created to celebrate the life and achievements of Thaddeus Stevens, who fought for free public schools, against slavery, and for civil rights for all Americans.

Thaddeus Stevens 225th Birthday

Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology Celebrates Thaddeus Stevens 225th Birthday with a week of festivities!