Self Study Committee

Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology first appoints a Steering Committee to lead the self-study process, including establishing working groups that represent the campus community, developing charges to guide the working groups as they study specific aspects of the institution identified in the Design, monitoring and supporting their progress, and receiving their written reports.

The Steering Committee then develops a draft report, based on the various reports of the working groups, and organizes campus-wide discussion of the drafts to ensure that input is received from all of the various campus constituencies. These discussions may be held in face-to-face sessions, emails and surveys.

The Steering Committee then prepares a final Self-Study Report, incorporating appropriate comments and perspectives, and the institution disseminates the report according to the Commission’s guidelines.


Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology is proud to announce that the Self Study Design submitted June 12, 2015 to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education has been approved!

After several revisions were made recommended by Dr. Debra Klinman, the Design was approved. Dr. Klinman commented "your institution has prepared a very useful road map to guide you through a meaningful self study."

Thank you to our Self Study Chairs and the MSCHE Committee. Now the real work begins toward reaccreditation.


Self-Study Executive Co-Chair


Jon Kramer

Cheryl Lutz


Self-Study Steering Committee

  • Dr. Griscom, President
  • Dr. Parker, Vice President of Academics Affairs
  • Ms. Tompos, Vice President of Finance & Administration
  • Marla Bucy, Editor
  • Tony Miller, Director of Facilities
  • Gordon Wenger, Information Technology Administrator
  • Adam Aurand, Director of Marketing & Public Relations
  • Brian Nguyen, Web & Social Media Coordinator
  • Sharon McIlhenney, Director of LRC
  • Tim Creamer, Librarian
  • Heriberto Arjona, Co-Chair Study Group 1
  • Mike DeGroft, Co-Chair Study Group 1
  • Jim Knapp, Co-Chair Study Group 2
  • Allen Tate/Deb Strubel, Co-Chair Study Group 2
  • Michael Brady, Co-Chair Study Group 3
  • Jason Kuntz, Co-Chair Study Group 3
  • Nora Othman, Co-Chair Study Group 4
  • Steven Latta, Co-Chair Study Group 4
  • Jacqueline Kacsmar, Co-Chair Study Group 5
  • Debra Schuch, Co-Chair Study Group 5
  • Trina Hess, Co-Chair Study Group 6
  • Robert Tobias, Co-Chair Study Group 6
  • Brad Adams, Co-Chair Study Group 7
  • Sheri Wright, Co-Chair Study Group 7
  • Dr. Chris Metzler, Co-Chair Study Group 8
  • Alex Surra, Co-Chair Study Group 8


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