Cabinetmaking and Wood Technology at
Thaddeus Stevens College

Repeated surveys of the woodworking industry have revealed the number one concern facing the industry for the 21st century is the lack of skilled and motivated workers. There is a continual need in the furniture, kitchen cabinet, and architectural millwork industries for persons possessing the skills and knowledge required to produce high quality wood products.

The Cabinetmaking and Wood Technology program is committed to continually providing students with the skills and knowledge required for rewarding jobs in the various woodworking industries. Based upon the belief that students learn best by working on projects, our program is strongly project oriented. Hence, students will produce several pieces of fine furniture after which they will further develop and display their skills by producing an advanced wood project of their choosing. Through the use of the College's housing project, students will learn to list and produce all the millwork items required for a residential house. Additionally, students will design, produce, finish, and install a complete kitchen. Through the use of lectures, demonstrations and the above projects we feel we can best prepare our students for careers in any of the three major woodworking fields: fine furniture, architectural millwork, and kitchen cabinetry.