Computers have become a major factor in the development and operation of the  modern industry. From providing means of communications, to operating machines, to facilitating international commerce, to systems animation, computers and their related software programs makes things possible.

The Computer Software Engineering Technology program prepares students to design, develop and build customized software programs for specific applications. Students will learn basic programming, how to interpret specifications, application of software architecture, verification and validation principles and software performance standards. Students will create software programs which address known specifications. The program emphasizes a practical hands-on education as software projects are required each semester.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will find a wealth of employment opportunities in a variety of businesses and industries. Unlike some disciplines which are tied directly to a specific technical area, graduates of this program will work in small businesses, large industries, private organizations, software specialty businesses, IT departments, government and more. Job titles include Software Designers, Software Test Technicians, Software Maintenance Technicians, Technical Writer for software publishing companies and Customer Service Technicians for software companies.