Residential Remodeling

residential remodeling at
thaddeus stevens college

Residential Remodeling has become an essential part of the construction industry. Remodelers add living space to existing homes and retrofit homes to modern conveniences and updated building codes. Remodeling can be done for cosmetic purposes, but also for structural reasons, as well as to increase the energy efficiency of older homes.

Jobs available in the residential remodeling field include, but are not limited to carpenters, painters, drywall & ceiling tile installers, roofers, woodworkers, kitchen & bath remodeler, siding, roofing & aluminum installer,  and floor craftsman.

Upon graduation, students of the Residential Remodeling program at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology will have a number of different opportunities available. In addition to working in their field, graduates will also have the chance to continue their education in areas such as Project Management, Technical Education, Residential Designer, Civil Engineering, and Structural Engineering degrees. Advanced opportunities as crew leaders, Assistant Foremen, Foreman, Superintendent and Small Business Owner may also be possible for graduates of the program.