K-12 Programs

Thaddeus Stevens College has known "STEM" (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) was cool for more than 100 years. Now that the rest of the world is catching up, the college offers a number programs that bring hands-on, innovative STEM activities into schools or bring students on campus for intensive STEM study.

With programs designed for students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade, Thaddeus Stevens College is the STEM education leader in Lancaster County.


Through the 'Adopt-a-Kindergarten' program, kindergartners are introduced to various professional technology fields. Members of the Thaddeus Stevens' faculty and staff visit the kindergarten class at their elementary schools four times during the school year for one hour to showcase examples of technology that are used in related careers. Students learn about the profession and participate in hand-on-demonstrations.


This program brings hands-on STEM activities to K-12 students, teachers, schools or community groups who requested workshops linked to state standards. The College's STEM coordinator uses the truck to bring portable equipment and STEM learning to students.


This provides high school seniors the opportunity to take their first year of college at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology while still enrolled in high school. They can participate in activities in both schools. At the end of their school year, they graduate from high school and earn credits for one year of college at Thaddeus Stevens College in the Technical Program of their choice. 


Experience Thaddeus Stevens College during the summer! Thaddeus Stevens College offers several hands-on summer programs from students in grades 3-8, including its free "Stevens Experience" day camp.