Academic Standing & Academic Dismissal

  1. Full‐Time Status A full‐time student must maintain
    at least 12 credits during a semester, or at a
    minimum be fully enrolled in a program of study if
    the program of study is less than 12 credits for the
  2. Part‐Time Status Part‐time students will be those
    who are registered for less than twelve credits or
    less than fully enrolled in their program of study if
    the program of study less than 12 credits for the
    semester and the student is not taking general
    education courses. Stevens will accept part‐time,
    tuition‐paying, non‐resident students in general
    education, technical, and evening courses, provided
    vacancies exist in a particular area. The tuition rate
    is by credit hour.

Good Academic Standing Students must maintain all
of the following:

  1. Earn an overall “C” average (2.0) cumulative grade
    point average (GPA).
  2. Earn a “C” average (2.0) cumulative average in their technical majors.

Academic Probation
Any student who does not maintain an overall 2.0 cumulative GPA and a 2.0 cumulative average in his/her major at the end of any semester shall be placed on academic probation for the
following semester (except as noted under 5d

If the student is unsuccessful in bringing his/her GPA to a minimum of 2.0 for the semester during which he/she is on academic probation, the student is liable for dismissal.

Academic Dismissal

  1. Decisions for academic dismissal shall be made by
    the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Decisions
    will be based on maintenance of full‐time status,
    GPA, and/or student’s demonstrated performance.
  2. Any student who has not earned a minimum 2.0
    GPA at the end of a semester during which the
    student is on academic probation is liable for
    dismissal from the College.
  3. Any student who fails a prerequisite course in
    their vocational program may not advance to the
    next semester. They may also be dismissed from
    the college.
  4. Any student who has not earned a minimum GPA
    of 1.0 at the end of a semester will be dismissed.
    Any student who earns a GPA between 1.0 and
    1.49 at the end of a semester is liable for dismissal.
  5. Students dismissed from the College will be given
    the opportunity to be considered for readmission
    following one semester’s absence from the
  6. Students that fail pre‐requisite courses for the
    next semester may be dismissed from the