Advanced Placement

The College believes that placing students at the proper educational level will contribute to their success. Advanced placement is designed to give students credit for the skills or competencies they have acquired prior to entering Stevens. Students who have completed advanced courses in high school, vocational/technical school, or as a part of military training, may be eligible for advanced placement. Interested students should consult the Registrar.

Eligibility will be determined based upon substantial evidence of prior experience or course work. Advanced placement is then possible through testing and/or competency assessment determined by the appropriate department. Credit may be granted through successful completion of a departmental examination or through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). A fee may be required. Advanced credit is not used in calculating the student's cumulative grade point average. Only the course number, title, and the number of credits will be entered on the transcript. No letter grades will be shown. Up to a maximum of half the total program requirements may be granted through nontraditional credit evaluation (advanced placement or credit by exam). Credit will only be granted to full-time students in good standing after one semester. Any exceptions to this policy will be at the discretion of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Some programs require students to take Tech Math I and II (MATH 126 and 136). However, if students want to take higher level math courses for possible transfer credit, they may make the following substitutions that will satisfy their program requirements:

  • MATH 131/Intermediate Algebra may be taken in place of MATH 126/Tech Math
  • MATH 141/Trigonometry may be taken in place of MATH 136/Tech Math II