Computer Integrated Machining Certificate

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What is the Computer Integrated Machining Certificate?

The Computer Integrated Machining certificate program offers a broad training experience that prepares individuals for entry-level employment in the machining industry. Through a combination of classroom study and assigned lab activities, students acquire essential background information, develop trade skills, and become familiar with production methods and standards common to the industry. Within the lab setting, emphasis is on the practical application of skills. Students will learn to operate a variety of conventional machine tools and computer numerical control (CNC) machines, interpret industrial drawings/blueprints, and use precision measuring and inspection instruments. Students enrolled in the certificate program may enroll in the associate degree program upon completion of the certificate program. Graduates of theComputer Integrated Machining certificate program are employed as machine operators, machinists, CNC operators, and quality control inspectors.

Program Objectives

A graduate of this certificate program will be able to do the following:

  • Demonstrate safe work habits and be conscious of safety when working with machinery. 
  • Read blueprints, interpret drawings, understand specifications, and establish tolerances.
  • Apply mathematics in machine tool technology (speeds, feeds, thread measurement, sine bar, etc.).
  • Operate basic machine tools and demonstrate knowledge of their construction in relation to the metal industry.
  • Operate abrasive cutting machinery; select and plan machining operations on this equipment.
  • Demonstrate skills in quality control, inspection, gauging methods, and production control as they relate to manufacturing design and production.

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