Change of Schedule

After a student is officially registered, changes to the schedule may be made through theofficial policy of adding and/or dropping a course.

Drop/Add and Withdrawal Policies

Students may drop, add, or withdraw from courses in accordance with the procedures.Students must recognize that dropping, adding, or withdrawing from courses mayhave serious consequences. These consequences may include:

Loss of grants (e.g., Federal Pell Grants)

  • Loss of full-time student status
  • Loss of credit for courses
  • Inability to graduate

Students may not be able to make up courses at the College (especially technical courses) unless during the semester that the course is offered. Students must obtain all required signatures on an official drop/add or withdrawal form and turn in the appropriate form to theRegistrar's Office by the published deadline. A student who leaves the College withoutcompleting and turning in the form may receive failing grades. A student must take aminimum of 12 credits each semester to maintain full-time status.

Options for adding, dropping, or withdrawing are:1. A student may add and drop any technical course during only the first two days ofthe semester. A student may add and drop any general education course during only the first week of the semester. The academic calendar will list the official drop/add deadline for full semester courses. No action will be recorded on students' transcripts.

2. Students may not drop or withdraw from any developmental courses.

3. Between the end of the drop/add period and the announced deadline for course withdrawal, a student may withdraw from courses without penalty after consultation with his/her advisor. The registrar will record this action on the student's transcript as a "W." There is no credit for the withdrawn course, and the course grade is not calculated into thestudent's GPA. The academic calendar will list the official withdrawal date for full semester courses. The course syllabus will list the official withdrawal date for short courses.

4. If a student drops or withdraws from a course after the appropriate deadline has passed, he/she will receive a grade of "F" (failure) for the course. The student may petition the Vice President for Academic Affairs to consider a course withdrawal or a withdrawal from the College after the deadline for extraordinary or compelling reasons (such as severe illness).

5. An instructor may enter a grade of "F" (failure) for any student who does not meet the attendance requirements for the course. The instructor may enter the "F" at any time. No signatures are required, the student earns no credit, and the course grade is calculated into the student's GPA as a grade of "F" (failure).