Grade Point Average

The grade point average (GPA), which appears on the student's grade report at the end of the semester, is based only on semester grades. The grade point average is computed by the following:

Multiply the number of credits per course by the quality point allocation (QPA).
   See table below.

 Divide the total number of quality points earned for the semester by the total
   number of credits attempted for the semester to determine the grade point

       Grade            QPA

       A                     4
       A-                   3.7
       B+                   3.3
       B                     3
       B-                   2.7
       C+                   2.3
       C                     2
       C-                   1.7
       D+                   1.3
       D                     1
       D-                   0.7
       F                     0
       I                      0 (Incomplete)
       W                    0 (Withdrawal)

Dean's List
A full-time student with a GPA of 3.25 or above (and no incomplete grades) is placed on the Dean's List at the end of the semester.

At graduation, the following distinctions are given:

    3.25 to 3.34 ........... Honors
    3.35 to 3.64 ........... Cum Laude
    3.65 to 3.94 ........... Magna cum Laude
    3.95 to 4.0 ............. Summa cum Laude

Incomplete Grades
If, for reasons beyond a student's control, he/she is unable to complete a course within the prescribed time, the grade for that course may be deferred with the approval of the instructor and the Vice President for Academic Affairs. An "I" would appear on the transcript and would not be calculated in the student's GPA. The required work would have to be completed by the end of the fourth week of the following semester. This option is not to be used to delay inevitable failing grades. To request an incomplete grade, the student must obtain a form from his or her advisor and request the instructor's approval. If approved, the instructor must then submit the completed form to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for approval and signature. All of this must be done before the end of the semester. In the event an "I" grade is not removed by the fourth week of the following semester, the grade is changed to an "F" unless an alternative arrangement is made with the approval of the instructor and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Grade Report
By the fifth week of the semester, instructors identify for the Vice President for Academic Affairs those students who are in poor academic standing and could possibly fail. A series of steps are then taken by the instructors, advisors, and counselors to prescribe actions to alleviate the students' problems in the courses. Final semester grades are mailed after the end of the semester or summer session. The grade report shows all coursework completed by the student.

To protect the confidentiality of a student's record and in compliance with federal law, no grades are given over the phone. The complete procedure for appealing a grade can be found in the Student Handbook.

Drop/Add Periods
Technical courses - only the first two days of the semester
General Ed Courses - only the first week of the semester.
Course withdrawal deadline will be announced.