For More Information

Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology is located at 750 E. King St, Lancaster PA 17603. For more information about Thaddeus Stevens or answers to specific questions, please call the College at 717.299.7701 or contact the individual departments below:


Academic Affairs, Vice President's Office 717.299.7611
Accounts Payable 717.299.7746
Accounts Receivable 717.391.3519 or 717.391.3518
ACT 101  717.391.7299
Admission Office 717.299.7701 or 800.842.3832
Alumni Affairs, Alumni Relations Office 717.299.7776
Athletics, Athletics Department 717.299.7752
Gifts and Bequests, Development Office 717.391.7285
Career Services 717.396.7188
Financial Aid, Financial Aid Office 717.391.3510
Public Relations, College Relations Office                             717.299.7702
Records, Transcripts, Registrar 717.299.7796
Student Affairs, Student Affairs 717.299.7752
Residential Life Office  717.391.7322
Counseling Department 717.299.7408
Campus Security 717.396.7165 or 717.3917225

Campus Visitors

Directions to Thaddeus Stevens College: or call 717.299.7701 We welcome visits to Thaddeus Stevens's campus. Administrative offices are open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, except for periods of official recess.