Apply Online!

Application Process

  1. Submit an application online by clicking on one of the buttons below that applies to you.
  2. You are required to submit the application fee of $45 (non-refundable) to have your application reviewed.  An application fee waiver is available to qualified students. (Learn more on the  "Application Fee" page). 
  3. You are required to be a high school graduate or have a GED at the time you begin classes at Thaddeus Stevens.  Please provide your high school transcript or GED scores. 
  4. In general, students with a 2.00 GPA or higher in high school or previous college credits are  considered for admission.
  5. If available, submit SAT and/or ACT scores (Scores are not required, however, may be considered for possible exemption from the Entrance Exam.)
  6. For accommodations during the application process, please contact Debra Schuch in our Counseling and Disability Services Office or click here.
  7. Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology requires that all students are a resident of the state of Pennsylvania and have established residency for a minimum of one year when they officially begin classes.  The college will accept proof of residency in the following forms.  Pennsylvania Driver’s License, Pennsylvania vehicle registration, graduation from PA HS within the last 12 months, Pennsylvania ID card, lease or mortgage statement.

Once all of the items above are submitted, further communication will follow regarding the next steps in the process.

Important dates to keep in mind:

Priority Consideration: January 1, 2019
First Round of Decisions: February 15, 2019
Second Round of Decisions: March 31, 2019

After March 31, 2019 applications will be continuously reviewed and applicants will be notified of their status.  The application process will close on June 30, 2019. 


General Fall Application

Early Enrollment 
The February 1, 2019 deadline for Early Enrollment for participating HS Juniors to complete Senior year at TSCT has passed. 


For those re-applying or if you have attended TSCT previously
 Skill Up Fast 
Short-Term Programs
 Dual Enrollment
College Credits at Participating High Schools

Important Documents:

Admissions - File Upload

Upload Transcript

Points to remember:

  • We encourage you to apply early in your senior year.
  • Admission to Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology is on a rolling, non-binding basis. This means that applications are reviewed shortly after all necessary documents have been received.
  • Applicants are encouraged to complete FAFSA application after October 1st in order to receive a financial aid award letter by the middle of November. Students who apply before February 1st will be given priority consideration for admission and scholarship on a space-available basis.

If you’re applying as a freshman, we need:

  • Your high school transcript
  • Your SAT or ACT score (optional)

We encourage the submission of the following:

  • A completed secondary school report, filled out by your guidance counselor
  • Mail or fax these additional materials to:

Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology
Office of Admissions
750 E King St
Lancaster, PA 17603
Fax: 717-391-6929

 If you're applying as a transfer, we also need: 

  • Your official College Transcript(s) 
  • Your high school transcript and SAT, ACT scores
  • A College catalog and course descriptions
  • Mail or fax these additional materials to:

Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology
Office of Admissions
750 E King St
Lancaster, PA 17603
Fax: 717-391-6929


Please note: Once you have applied to Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, you may track the status of your application and the application process by visiting