2018 Academic Awards

    05.10.18 | TSCT News

    Lancaster, PA - Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology honored students on Tuesday, May 1, 2018 at the College’s Annual Academic Awards Banquet. Students were recognized for their achievements in areas of general study and their program of study. The College also recognized several students with special awards.


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    Award Titles Recipients
    American History Presented By Patrica Meley  
    Outstanding Student Kristina E. Martin
    Computer Information Systems Presented By: Tara Faro  
    Outstanding Student Robert K. Gress 
    Economics Presented By: Heriberto Arjona  
    Outstanding Student Amber E. Kirk
    Outstanding Student Krye T. Maxwell
    English Presented By: Marla Bucy  
    Outstanding Student William A. Mayer
    Mathematics Presented By: Trina Hess   
    Outstanding Student Garrett W. Wallick
    Science Presented By: Dr. Patricia McKinney  
    Outstanding Student Tyler J. Kauffman
    Social Sciences Presented By: Dr. Vincent Miles  
    Outstanding Student Maria J. Sholly
    Outstanding Student Kyree T. Maxwell
    Architectural Technology Presented By: Tedd Williams & Jim Hamrick  
    Highest Program GPA Seth C. Winnerling
    Program & Professional Role Model Mark C. Torrence 
    Outstanding CADD & BIM Proficiency  Tyler L. Ruby
    Automotive Technology Presented By: Marty Christian & Adam Stinson  
    Rosser Memorial Award - Highest GPA Joshua D. Stipe 
    Shepherd Memorial Award - High GPA Nathan S. Barnhart
    Most Technically Competent Aaron G. Forwood
    Business Administration Presented By: Beth Wagman & Danielle Fox  
    Highest GPA Amber E. Kirk
    Program & Professional Role Model Kyre T. Maxwell
    Cabinetmaking & Wood Technology Presented By: Rob Tobias   
    Outstanding Craftsmanship/Highest GPA Andrew McVaugh
    Craftsmanship and Willingness to Help Others Jimmy DiSantis
    Craftsmanship and Willingness to Help Others Arthur J. Griffin
    Carpentry Technology Presented By: Dan McCord & Andrew Snavley  
    Highest GPA - Morning Class Taylor M. Noble
    Most Outstanding - Morning Class Stephen M. Mathews
    Most Improved - Morning Class Samantha R. Gauche
    Paul L. Simmers Award - Morning Class Thaddeus Duncan Hartnett
    Highest GPA/Dedication           Lance T. Hank
    Academic Excellence/Dedication John T. Betson
    Most Improved/Dedication Steven T. Christman
    Collision Repair Technology Presented By: Dennis Antosy and Steven Eberly  
    Highest GPA Destiny L. Lucas
    Most Technically Competent Josh M. Padilla
    Computer Networking Systems Administration Presented By: Kevin Flory, Tim Headings & Jameson McFarlane  
    Highest GPA  Evan M. Phyillaier; Benjamin R. Hood; Trey R. Recher
    Most Technically Competent (AM class) Evan W. Templin
    Most Technical Growth (AM class) Jesse A. Killinger
    Most Proficient Application Developer - (AM class) William A. Mayer
    Most Technically Competent (PM class)  Thomas R.Current
    Most Technical Growth (PM class) Jeffrey A. Martin
    Most Proficient Application Developer (PM class) Joesph A. Geiser
    Construction Electrician Presented By: Mike Oxenford  
    Program & Professional Role Model Matthew S. Momose
    Academic Excellance/Dedication Mark  J. Slobodjian
    Most Outstanding Kim A. Burgess
    Most Technically Competent Aleksey Yermolov
    Electrical Technology Presented By: Fred Bube & Brian Kochan   
    Outstanding Electrical Student & The Gordon Van Zandt Memorial Award  Marcus D. Richardson
    Outstanding Electrical Student & The Class of 1931 Electrical Shop Award Jeremy K. Landis
    Outstanding Service to Electrical Technology (AM Class) Christopher M. Bair
    Outstanding Service to Electrical Technology (PM Class) Justin Santiago
    Most Sought After Electrical Technology (AM class) Trevor J. Kunkel
    Most Sought After Electrical Technology (PM class) Nathan P. Snyder
    Electronic Engineering Technology Presented By: Bruce Schreiner & Tom Evans  
    Outstanding Electronic Engineering Student Kristina E. Martin
    Electro-Mechanical Technology  
    Presented By: Don Dagen & Art Jackson  
    Outstanding Electro-Mechanical Technology Student John R. Scanlin
    Engineering CAD Technology (CADT) Presented By: Don Hart  
    Highest GPA - Donated by SME  Scott J. Becker
    Outstanding Proficiency w/CAD Solid Model  Cassandra L. Roth
    Service to the CAD Technology Program Jonathan T. Scott
    Graphic Communications Printing Technology Presented By: Brad Adams & Mike Brady  
    Excellence in Printing Cheyanne E. Kasmierski
    Excellence in Graphic Communications Nathan M. Weidinger
    Outstanding Student Howard A. DeLong III
    Heating, Ventilation Air Conditioning Technology Presented By: Matt Gote & Brett Groff
    Head of Class Jarad C. Slodysko
    Excellence In HVAC Day Class Drake D. McBee
    Most Technically Competent - Day Class Brock H. Fittery
    Job Effectiveness Benjamin D. Lynes
    Most Eager to Help Colin D. McNeal
    Technical Competency - Evening Class Jonathan S. Cassel
    Outstanding Student Evening Class Vernon J. Lowery
    Excellence in HVAC Evening Class Charles I. Pohl
    Computer Integrated Machining Presented By: Ron Schwartz & Alex Surra  
    Highest GPA Brandon M. McKean
    Technical Competency  Michael T. Philion
    Technical Competency  Kyle D. Carrilio
    Masonry Technology Presented By: Chad Hummel  
    Highest GPA Jonathan Ramos
    Stefan L. Facenda Memorial Award Brayden H. Fry
    Most Improved Keith M. Carnrike
    Most Technically Competent Eric Burnish
    Frank Mamrak Memorial Award Jeffrey I. Bensinger
    Mechanical Engineering Technology Presented By: Amy Jo Mumma-Frank,  Bill Chambers  
    Highest GPA/Donated by MindTrust Engineering LLC & SME Ethan D. Pfautz
    Technical Competency /Donated by MindTrust Engineering LLC Nathanael T. Hostetter
    Technical Competency/Theodore Hirsh Award /Donated by MindTrust Engineering LLC David J. Welsh
    Metals Fabrication and Welding Technology Presented By: Steve Hower & Stacy Gillis  

    Graduating Sophomore with Highest Overall GPA & Demonstrating Professionalism in the Field,  Morning Class
    Justin A. Klunk
    Graduating Sophomore with Highest Technical GPA & Demonstrating Professionalism in the Field, Morning Class Everett L. Fasnacht
    Graduating Sophomore with an Outstanding Technical GPA, Demonstrating Professional and Personal Growth while at Stevens, Morning Class Nathan Miller
    Graduating Sophomore with Highest Overall GPA & Demonstrating Professionalism in the Field, Afternoon Class Benjamin A. Trimble
    Graduating Sophomore with Highest Overall GPA & Demonstrating Professionalism in the Field, Afternoon Class Matthew C. Smolko
    Graduating Sophomore with Outstanding Technical GPA & Demonstrating Leadership Skills and professionalism in the field, Afternoon Class Michael W. Towber
    Most Technical & Personal Growth while at Stevens PM class Louis P. O'Donnell
    Plumbing Technology Presented By: Vince Skimski & Josephine Tyndall  
    Most Technically Competent Blake H. Hissong
    Most Technically Competent Austin H. Douple
    Most Technically Competent Brett Wolgemuth 
    Most Technically Competent Grant Buchanan
    Most Improved Kellan P. Monahan
    Residential Remodeling Technology Presented By: Charlie Byers & Loren Bishop  
    Highest Overall GPA Dreyson U. Towles
    Most Improved Wisly Jaccinor
    Most Technically Proficient Brandon A. Walker
    Welding Technology Presented By: Leroy Begay  
    Highest GPA and Academic Achievement Colton E. Herb
    High GPA and Leadership Excellence  Francis C. Manroe
    Perfect Attendance and Outstanding Commitment Gage J. Lovekin
    Water & Environment Technology Presented By:  Katie Surra & Bill McKeon  
    Highest GPA Tyler J. Kauffman
    Brendan W. Meley '03 Memorial Award Presented By: Kevin Flory  
    CNSA Student Freshman Showing Promise and Potential Joshua P. Zearfoss
    James H. Hartzell Award Presented By: Chris Metzler  
    Student showing greatest Scholastic and Personal Improvement Mitchell B. Bender
    Kenneth W. Schuler Award Presented By: Chris Metzler  
    Outstanding student pursuing further education Amber E. Kirk
    Student Alumni Award Presented By: Chris Metzler  
    Graduate Recognized for his/her outstanding qualifications in leadership, character & Scholarship. Selected by Faculty. Amber E. Kirk
    Graduate Recognized for his/her outstanding qualifications in leadership, character & Scholarship. Selected by Faculty. Kristina E.  Martin
    Donald W. Jones Award Presented By: Chris Metzler  
    Highest GPA Robert K. Gress
    Highest GPA Maria J. Sholly
    Thaddeus Stevens College Service Award Presented By: Chris Metzler  
    Student who best exemplifies the Spirit of Volunteerism and Community Service within and/or outside of the Stevens Community Cheyanne E.  Kasmierski
    Chick-fil-A-Lancaster, PA Positive Impact Educational Award Presented by: Judy Shaffer - Chick-fil-A Representative  
    Eric Burnish
    Trey R. Recher
      Cassandra L. Roth
      Michael J. Wallace
    Alex B. Munro Diversity Award Presented By: Alex B. Munro, TSCT Foundation  Ernie Brown
    Excellence in Teaching Award  Vince Skimski 


    Thaddeus Stevens would like to thank the commitment of the following companies who provided the gifts for this evenings recipients

    Alumni Association Lezzer Lumber
    Alumni Foundation, Alex B. Munro Licoln Electricity 

    Beam's Custom Woodworking Inc.

    Lowe's Lancaster
    Caedan Meley Family MALCO Tools
    Dentech, Inc. MIAP
    DesignTek Inc. Mindtrust Engineering, LLC
    Electrical Class of 1931 Nailor Memorial Award
    ETEMCO Praxair, Inc.
    Goodhart Sons, Inc - Frank Goodhart Sr. Memorial Award Rosser Memorial
    Gordon Van Zandt Electrical Tech. Award Sheperd Memorial
    Ideal Industries Inc.  Sid Harvey's
    J.E. Quinones & Associates Snavely & Dosch
    Joseph R. Plants (2015 Electrical Program Alumnus)  Society of Manufacturing Engineers
    Klein Tools  Theodore Hirsh Award
    Klenk Tools  Tom Cence (Foundation)
    Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology  United Electric Supply

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