Dean's List - Fall 2017

    12.21.17 | TSCT News

    Lancaster, PA - 355 Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology students were named to Dean's List for Academic Achievement for the 2017 Fall semester.  

    To be named to the Dean’s List, students must have earned a 3.25 grade point average or higher. Those named to the list include:


    Monica Abreu-Adames, Architectural Technology, Lancaster
    Jacob Akerley, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Quarryville
    Jonah Anderson, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Rehrersburg
    Jaybin Aument, Residential Remodeling, Conestoga
    Christopher Ayers, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Lancaster
    Steven Barndt, HVAC, Pennsburg
    Nicholas Barry, HVAC, Palmyra
    Michael Barto, Water and Environmental Technology, Lancaster
    Christian Barzaga, HVAC, Lancaster
    Joseph Battle, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Lancaster
    Hassan Beattie, Electrical Technology, Lancaster
    Ethan Beauchamp, Architectural Technology, Lititz
    Brandyn Beaver, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Alum Bank
    Naomi Becker, Graphic Communications & Printing Technology, Elizabethtown
    Olivia Beiler, Architectural Technology, Lancaster
    Matthew Bendo, Construction Electrician, Lancaster
    Michael Bensinger, Water and Environmental Technology, Mount Joy
    Laura Benton, Machine Tool & Computer Aided Manufacturing, Hummelstown
    Jared Bitts, Electronic Engineering Technology, Gap
    Tommy Blair, Automotive Technology, Lebanon
    Melissa Blank, Graphic Communications & Printing Technology, Gap
    Logan Bloser, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Carlisle
    Zachary Bomberger, Electro-Mechanical Technology, Lititz
    Mark Bowman, Automotive Technology, Conestoga
    Jacob Brandt, Collision Repair Technology, Mechanicsburg
    Mark Brink, Electrical Technology, Mountville
    William Brown, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Manheim
    Michael Brubaker, Electrical Technology, Manheim
    Peter Brubaker, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Mount Joy
    Hunter Bruckhart, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Manheim
    Brendan Buckley, Construction Electrician, Lancaster
    Kim Burgess, Construction Electrician, Lancaster
    Mitchell Burkhart, Electrical Technology, New Providence
    Joseph Butler, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Oxford
    Zachariah Byers, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Lititz
    Kurt Cain, HVAC, Hummelstown
    Andrew Cameron, ECAD, Lancaster
    Robert Campagna, Electrical Technology, Lancaster
    Dylan Campbell, Architectural Technology, Lancaster
    Corey Carman, Construction Electrician, Lititz
    Keith Carnrike, Masonry Construction Technology, Holtwood
    Jamie Christine, Construction Electrician, Red Lion
    Deyliz Cintron, Business Administration, Lancaster
    Alexander Clinton, Automotive Technology, Lancaster
    Myles Clonch, Electronic Engineering Technology, Holtwood
    William Cooney, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Nottingham
    Jeannelly Cruz Carlo, Architectural Technology, Reading
    Paul Cutright, Cabinetmaking & Wood Technology, Narvon
    Stefen Dahlgren, Computer Software Engineering Technology, Strasburg
    Andrea Dearstyne, Architectural Technology, Lancaster
    Tyler Deck, Computer & Network Systems Administration, Manheim
    James DiCamillo, Carpentry Technology, Broomall
    Mitchell Diem, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Narvon
    Garret Dimm, HVAC, Lancaster
    Sutter Dolan, Electronic Engineering Technology, New Cumberland
    Anthony Dotterer, HVAC, Reading
    Nicholas Duliakas, Electrical Technology, Pottstown
    Samuel Edwards, Electro-Mechanical Technology, Philadelphia
    Shane Ehrhart, Business Administration, Quarryville
    Brady Ernst, Computer & Network Systems Administration, Annville
    Jose Figueroa, Construction Electrician, Lancaster
    Skylar Floyd, Electrical Technology, Lancaster
    Vincent Freeman, Masonry Construction Technology, Montrose
    Ryan Frost, Welding Technology, Reinholds
    Brayden Fry, Masonry Construction Technology, lebanon
    Cameron Garcia, Computer Software Engineering Technology, Lancaster
    Edgar Gasca Rodriguez, Computer Software Engineering Technology, Bart
    Elizabeth Gerhart, Automotive Technology, Marietta
    Andrew Gish, Architectural Technology, Lancaster
    Brendan Good, Construction Electrician, Lancaster
    Alexis Goshea, Business Administration, Mount Joy
    Brandon Green, Computer Software Engineering Technology, Lancaster
    John Gregson, Carpentry Technology, Gap
    Jared Groff, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Manheim
    Nathan Grove, Construction Electrician, York
    Christopher Grudi, Cabinetmaking & Wood Technology, Hershey
    Matthew Gue, HVAC, Washington Boro
    Caleb Haddon, Graphic Communications & Printing Technology, Lancaster
    Andrew Hansen, Computer & Network Systems Administration, Lancaster
    Travis Healy, Residential Remodeling, Lancaster
    Brian Heaney, Electro-Mechanical Technology, Lancaster
    Shawn Heffley, Architectural Technology, Lancaster
    Curtis Helman, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Millersville
    Danny Hernandez, Computer Software Engineering Technology, Oxford
    Kailin Hoffman, Electrical Technology, Williamstown
    Shane Holbein, Computer Software Engineering Technology, Lancaster
    Gregory Houck, Residential Remodeling, Wrightsville
    Lane Housner, Electrical Technology, Manheim
    Breona Hughes, Masonry Construction Technology, Harrisburg
    Matthew Johns, Electronic Engineering Technology, Lancaster
    William Kauffman, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Marietta
    Kyle Keifer, Carpentry Technology, Yardley
    Charles Kelehan, HVAC, Lancaster
    Aaron Keller, Architectural Technology, Lancaster
    Cameron Kelly, HVAC, Uniontown
    James Kenney, HVAC, Haverford
    Tyler Kiebler, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Millersville
    Jared Kieffer, HVAC, Lancaster
    Joshua Kinderwater, HVAC, Elizabethtown
    Patrick Kline, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Lancaster
    Jordan Klingler, HVAC, Palmyra
    Clayton Knisely, ECAD, Conestoga
    Nathan Kurtz, HVAC, Narvon
    John Kurtz, Cabinetmaking & Wood Technology, Robesonia
    Keith Landis, HVAC, Lancaster
    Drake Lanz, HVAC, Reading
    Tyler Larry, Machine Tool & Computer Aided Manufacturing, East Petersburg
    Steven Leiphart, Electro-Mechanical Technology, Dallastown
    Stanislav Levchuk, Masonry Construction Technology, Myerstown
    Caleb Mahala, Computer Software Engineering Technology, Columbia
    Cody Marcello, Architectural Technology, Conestoga
    Grace Marlowe, Water and Environmental Technology, Frackville
    Andrew Martin, Graphic Communications & Printing Technology, Lancaster
    Tyler Mascornick, Automotive Technology, Schnecksville
    Joseph McGrew, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Marietta
    Tyler McLean, Electrical Technology, Bristol
    Calvin McMillan, Construction Electrician, Columbia
    Stephen Medvidik, HVAC, Ephrata
    Brandon Mellor, HVAC, Lancaster
    Taylor Molyneux, Computer & Network Systems Administration, Millersville
    Matthew Momose, Construction Electrician, Fleetwood
    Fabian Montano, Architectural Technology, Whitehall
    Riley Moore, Welding Technology, Columbia
    Wesley Morgan, Welding Technology, Ephrata
    Seth Morris, HVAC, Lancaster
    Maverick Mowrer, Automotive Technology, Parkesburg
    Nicolas Myer, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Lititz
    Jared Mylin, Electronic Engineering Technology, Willow Street
    Christopher Nelson, Computer Software Engineering Technology, York
    Luke Nolan, Carpentry Technology, Newtown Square
    Travis Nolt, Graphic Communications & Printing Technology, Lancaster
    Grace Ohlinger, Graphic Communications & Printing Technology, Shillington
    Jason O'Neil, Water and Environmental Technology, Lancaster
    Joshua Paul, Graphic Communications & Printing Technology, Lititz
    Edwin Perez, Architectural Technology, Lititz
    Emilio Perez, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Lancaster
    Logan Peters, HVAC, Harrisburg
    Austin Pletcher, Architectural Technology, New Providence
    Ramon Plotnikov, ECAD, Denver
    Aidan Porter, Electrical Technology, Morgantown
    Adam Potter, Welding Technology, Jacobus
    Eric Price, Electrical Technology, Quarryville
    Alexander Prudhomme, Construction Electrician, Marietta
    Albert Pundt, Electrical Technology, Lebanon
    Jason Ramos, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Lancaster
    Cole Rankin, Metals Fabrication & Welding, New Providence
    Hunter Rehrer, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Elizabethtown
    Tyler Richard, Graphic Communications & Printing Technology, Barto
    Niko Rivera, HVAC, Strasburg
    Abigail Roefaro, Graphic Communications & Printing Technology, New Providence
    Rafael Roman, Computer Software Engineering Technology, Adamstown
    Brian Sanvicente, Collision Repair Technology, Lancaster
    Nicholas Sarian, Computer & Network Systems Administration, Harrisburg
    Nathan Sears, Electro-Mechanical Technology, Etters
    Tyler Sensenig, Electro-Mechanical Technology, Lancaster
    Jacob Sensenig, Masonry Construction Technology, Gettysburg
    Bryce Shaffer, Electrical Technology, Stevens
    Dallas Sheldon, Architectural Technology, Quarryville
    Noah Shoemaker, Construction Electrician, Oxford
    Amber Shuey, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Shartlesville
    Cole Simchick, Computer Software Engineering Technology, Lancaster
    Joseph Siravo, HVAC, Ridley Park
    Liam Skroly, Welding Technology, Wrightsville
    Aaron Slagle, Computer & Network Systems Administration, Hanover
    Mark Slobodjian, Construction Electrician, Nottingham
    Aidan Smith, Welding Technology, Swarthmore
    Luke Smith, HVAC, Oil City
    Kieffer Smith, Carpentry Technology, Camp Hill
    Nathaniel Solis, Collision Repair Technology, Lancaster
    Bailey Sollenberger, Carpentry Technology, Manchester
    Ryan Stanley, Automotive Technology, Lancaster
    Loghan Stief, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Lancaster
    JohnDavid Stoltzfus, Electrical Technology, Elizabethtown
    Joshua Stoltzfus, Collision Repair Technology, Lititz
    Seth Stoltzfus, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Akron
    Dylan Stone, Carpentry Technology, Mount Joy
    Darrin Stover, Electro-Mechanical Technology, Lewisberry
    Christian Strother, Plumbing Technology, Lancaster
    Kurtis Sumpter, Welding Technology, Lancaster
    Matthew Swankler, Computer & Network Systems Administration, Lancaster
    Noah Tarr, Plumbing Technology, Indiana
    Victoria Teleguz, Electronic Engineering Technology, Leola
    Veronica Thomas, Graphic Communications & Printing Technology, Willow Street
    Ian Thomas, Electro-Mechanical Technology, New Holland
    David Thompson, Electro-Mechanical Technology, Lancaster
    Jeffrey Tobin, Electrical Technology, Columbia
    Rebecca Trout, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Nottingham
    Taylor Troutman, Water and Environmental Technology, Mechanicsburg
    Jack Wagner, Architectural Technology, Manheim
    Morgan Wagner, Graphic Communications & Printing Technology, Lititz
    Andrew Walter, Cabinetmaking & Wood Technology, Mifflinburg
    Stephen Weidman, ECAD, Lebanon
    Kaleb Wentz, Business Administration, Denver
    Jared Werner, HVAC, Reading
    Keith Wetherspoon, Metals Fabrication & Welding, New Ringgold
    Emily Whipple, Electrical Technology, Shamokin Dam
    Peyton Whiteman, Welding Technology, West Grove
    Aaron Williams, Automotive Technology, Airvillle
    Matthew Wilson, Plumbing Technology, Lansdale
    Adam Witman, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Lancaster
    Tyler Witman, Electronic Engineering Technology, Red Lion
    Anya Witmer, Graphic Communications & Printing Technology, Ephrata
    James Wohlschlegel, Electronic Engineering Technology, Lewisburg
    Lauren Yates, Graphic Communications & Printing Technology, Lancaster
    Aleksey Yermolov, Construction Electrician, Ephrata
    Ryan Young, Water and Environmental Technology, Lancaster
    Austin Young, HVAC, Elizabethtown


    Jose Anazagazty, Plumbing Technology, Lebanon
    Isaac Anderson, Water and Environmental Technology, lancaster
    Tanner Arnold, Machine Tool & Computer Aided Manufacturing, Lebanon
    Lindsey Auman, Engineering CAD Technology, Winfield
    William Bailey, Masonry Construction Technology, Reading
    Jacob Bannister, Metals Fabrication & Welding, West Chester
    Nathan Barnhart, Automotive Technology, Lancaster
    Scott Becker, Engineering CAD Technology, Mohnton
    Mitchell Bender, Computer & Network Systems Administration, Akron
    John Betson, Carpentry Technology, Ridley Park
    Michael Blaszczyk, HVAC, Lancaster
    Elias Bogale, Machine Tool & Computer Aided Manufacturing, East Petersburg
    James Brocklehurst, Electronic Engineering Technology, Quarryville
    Daniel Brody, Electronic Engineering Technology, Lancaster
    Grant Buchanan, Plumbing Technology, Greencastle
    Adam Burdge, Carpentry Technology, Sinking Spring
    Eric Burnish, Masonry Construction Technology, Morgantown
    Tristen Capitao, Machine Tool & Computer Aided Manufacturing, Millersville
    Kyle Carrilio, Machine Tool & Computer Aided Manufacturing, Lancaster
    Justin Carvell, Machine Tool & Computer Aided Manufacturing, Ephrata
    Jonathan Cassel, HVAC, Wrightsville
    Matthew Cheng, Electronic Engineering Technology, Willow Street
    Daniel Ciocco, HVAC, Berwyn
    Thomas Current, Computer & Network Systems Administration, Lancaster
    Owen Davis, Electrical Technology, York
    John De Lallo, Computer & Network Systems Administration, Bainbrige
    Richard Deck, Architectural Technology, Manheim
    Howard DeLong, Graphic Communications & Printing Technology, York
    Brandon Diaz, Electro-Mechanical Technology, Nottingham
    Dylan D'Imperio, Engineering CAD Technology, Lancaster
    James DiSantis, Cabinetmaking & Wood Technology, Downingtown
    Austin Douple, Plumbing Technology, Lebanon
    Everett Fasnacht, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Ephrata
    Bryan Fay, Welding Technology, Lampeter
    Shane Findley, Electro-Mechanical Technology, Quarryville
    Brock Fittery, HVAC, Manheim
    Aaron Forwood, Automotive Technology, Manheim
    Andrew Frantz, Carpentry Technology, Red Hill
    Joseph Geiser, Computer & Network Systems Administration, Conestoga
    Kyle Glomb, Automotive Technology, Quarryville
    Justin Gochenaur, Computer & Network Systems Administration, Willow street
    Robert Gress, Electronic Engineering Technology, Pequea
    Arthur Griffin, Cabinetmaking & Wood Technology, Mifflinburg
    Lum Gyung, Automotive Technology, Lancaster
    Lance Hank, Carpentry Technology, Natrona
    Morgan Hendricks, Graphic Communications & Printing Technology, Honey Brook
    Colton Herb, Welding Technology, Jonestown
    Blake Hissong, Plumbing Technology, Greencastle
    Caroline Hoak, Cabinetmaking & Wood Technology, Reinholds
    Benjamin Hood, Computer & Network Systems Administration, Lancaster
    Nathanael Hostetter, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Kleinfeltersville
    Khalil Hunter, Carpentry Technology, Philadelphia
    Jacob Jewell, Carpentry Technology, Broomall
    Cheyanne Kasmierski, Graphic Communications & Printing Technology, Mehoopany
    Tyler Kauffman, Water and Environmental Technology, Manheim
    Jesse Killinger, Computer & Network Systems Administration, Gap
    Amber Kirk, Business Administration, Peach Bottom
    Nicholas Kitchen, Graphic Communications & Printing Technology, Ephrata
    Timothy Kleckner, Plumbing Technology, Laureldale
    Justin Klunk, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Abbottstown
    Eric Krause, Cabinetmaking & Wood Technology, Lancaster
    Trevor Kunkel, Electrical Technology, Paradise
    Jeremy Landis, Electrical Technology, Manheim
    Steven Lehman, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Felton
    Elliot Leporati, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Philadelphia
    Daniel Lopez, Residential Remodeling, Lancaster
    Destiny Lucas, Collision Repair Technology, Pottsville
    Benjamin Lynes, HVAC, Manheim
    Brandt Magolon, Electro-Mechanical Technology, columbia
    Anthony Mangini, Automotive Technology, Manheim
    Francis Manroe, Welding Technology, Etters
    Kristina Martin, Electronic Engineering Technology, Gordonville
    Jeffrey Martin, Computer & Network Systems Administration, Lancaster
    Stephen Mathews, Carpentry Technology, West Chester
    Kyre Maxwell, Business Administration, West Lawn
    William Mayer, Computer & Network Systems Administration, Lancaster
    Drake McBee, HVAC, Punxsutawney
    Christopher McGinn, Cabinetmaking & Wood Technology, Denver
    Brandon McKean, Machine Tool & Computer Aided Manufacturing, Snow Shoe
    Timothy McQuate, Computer & Network Systems Administration, Akron
    Andrew McVaugh, Cabinetmaking & Wood Technology, New Holland
    Jerry Melnik, HVAC, Newmanstown
    Geran Mendez, Carpentry Technology, Lancaster
    Lora Metzler, Carpentry Technology, Leola
    Nathan Miller, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Harleysville
    Kellan Monahan, Plumbing Technology, Palmyra
    Jeremy Moore, Graphic Communications & Printing Technology, Lititz
    Richard Mundie, Residential Remodeling, Dover
    Hao Nguyen, Electronic Engineering Technology, Lancaster
    Taylor Noble, Carpentry Technology, Lancaster
    Jose Noriega, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Reading
    James Palmer, HVAC, Bridgeport
    Cody Peppler, Electrical Technology, Vandergrift
    Ethan Pfautz, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Landisville
    Michael Philion, Machine Tool & Computer Aided Manufacturing, Elverson
    Evan Phyillaier, Computer & Network Systems Administration, Lancaster
    Charles Pohl, HVAC, Ephrata
    Steven Powell, Plumbing Technology, Downingtown
    Devante Pugh, Graphic Communications & Printing Technology, Lancaster
    Robert Quick, Computer & Network Systems Administration, Gap
    Jonathan Ramos, Masonry Construction Technology, Reading
    Anthony Randisi, HVAC, Lancaster
    Trey Recher, Computer & Network Systems Administration, Lancaster
    Ivan Rodriguez, Residential Remodeling, Lancaster
    Benjamin Ross, HVAC, Maytown
    Cassandra Roth, Engineering CAD Technology, Manheim
    Tyler Ruby, Architectural Technology, Wrightsville
    Daniel Sala, Cabinetmaking & Wood Technology, Harleysville
    Kevin Sauder, Computer & Network Systems Administration, Lancaster
    John Scanlin, Electro-Mechanical Technology, Conestoga
    Amanda Scharff, Architectural Technology, Hawley
    Joshua Schrenk, Machine Tool & Computer Aided Manufacturing, Erie
    Maria Sholly, Plumbing Technology, Lititz
    Tyler Skelton, Architectural Technology, Lancaster
    Jarred Slodysko, HVAC, Elysburg
    Justin Smith, Machine Tool & Computer Aided Manufacturing, Ephrata
    Jacob Smith, Masonry Construction Technology, Annville
    Matthew Smolko, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Hanover
    Nathan Snyder, Electrical Technology, Airville
    Steven Spackman, HVAC, Mount Joy
    Erik Spitzenberger, Masonry Construction Technology, West Grove
    Zachary Steely, Computer & Network Systems Administration, Akron
    Joshua Stipe, Automotive Technology, Lititz
    Daphne Stoltzfus, Graphic Communications & Printing Technology, Lancaster
    Daryl Supplee, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Peach Bottom
    Tyler Swinehart, Graphic Communications & Printing Technology, Lancaster
    Molly Sypien, Architectural Technology, Lancaster
    Israel Temple, Computer & Network Systems Administration, Lancaster
    Evan Templin, Computer & Network Systems Administration, Reinholds
    Mark Torrence, Architectural Technology, Lititz
    Michael Towber, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Coatesville
    Dreyson Towles, Residential Remodeling, Columbia
    Benjamin Trimble, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Peach Bottom
    Zachary Wagner, Metals Fabrication & Welding, Lititz
    Brandon Walker, Residential Remodeling, Hatboro
    Garrett Wallick, Electronic Engineering Technology, Dover
    Thomas Waltman, Cabinetmaking & Wood Technology, New Providence
    Joshua Ward, Plumbing Technology, Newfoundland
    David Weidensaul, Cabinetmaking & Wood Technology, Lancaster
    Nathan Weidinger, Graphic Communications & Printing Technology, Millersville
    Cameron Weiler, Computer & Network Systems Administration, Lancaster
    Thomas Wickham, Electronic Engineering Technology, Danville
    Ashley Wilcox, Machine Tool & Computer Aided Manufacturing, Mountville
    Seth Winnerling, Architectural Technology, Lancaster
    Issak Wolfe, Residential Remodeling, Stewartstown
    Brett Wolgemuth, Plumbing Technology, Columbia