Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology

    10.12.17 | TSCT News

     When Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology welcomed its first class in 1905, it had a simple mission: to serve as an institution of learning “in the various branches of English education and all industrial trades and pursuits,” in the words of its late benefactor and namesake.

    This remains our purpose today.

    Also in his will, Thaddeus Stevens gave the institution a second charge: to serve as a “house of refuge” for under-resourced students that would celebrate diversity, making no preference “on account of race or color.”

    This, too, remains our purpose.

    Students come from across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to pursue degrees in high-tech, cutting edge fields in which the demand for skilled workers far exceeds the supply. Their goals are clear: preparing for one of these careers through intensive, hands-on learning in only two years.

    Of these, more than half come from under-resourced backgrounds, receiving generous financial aid and a chance to break the cycle of poverty, live the American Dream and give back to their communities. Our purpose is clear: To give students a better life through practical education.

    The College recently concluded a months-long research study involving students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, K-12 educators and corporate leaders. From the many insights and stories you shared, we were able to see the common thread that defines the Thaddeus Stevens College community as being purposeful in everything we do.

    Thaddeus Stevens College is purposeful.

    So that’s the story we plan to tell. We’re updating our look and introducing a new tagline to convey that Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology is a place where, together, we:

    Prepare for work. Prepare for life.

    It’s an exciting time of growth and opportunity at Stevens. We hope all of you will be a part of our next chapter.