Register for College Central Network

Start your job/internship search now!

STUDENTS, this page offers information on how to register for College Central Network (CCN), which is a job search website used exclusively for TSCT students and graduates. You MUST register to use the system. New jobs are posted daily and ALL include employer contact information!

How to Register for CCN

  • Go to
  • Select "Sign Up" next to "Need an Account?"
  • User ID: Make sure you use the last 5-digits of your TSCT Student ID number as your User ID when creating your account.
  • Password:  Create a password you will always remember – follow the password guidelines
  • Continue with your registration: You can use either your TSCT email or your personal email when creating your account. Just make sure you are using an email address you check frequently and can access easily. You will be asked to enter a secondary email address as a back up.

 Download the CCN App

Once you have completed your registration, add the College Central Network app to your phone so you have immediate access at all times to the most recent jobs and internships posted for your major.

To download the app, visit > and follow the instructions listed.