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MAIN CAMPUS CAREER FAIRS - includes all majors EXCEPT Automotive, Collision, and Diesel 

SOPHOMORE CAREER FAIR  (for students graduating in May)
Wednesday, February 9, 2022 - Main Campus

FRESHMAN "INTERNSHIP" FAIR **(for students looking for Summer Internships) 
Thursday, February 10, 2022 - Main Campus 


THE TRANSPORTATION CENTER CAREER FAIR - includes Automotive, Collision, Diesel 

TRANSPORTATION CAREER FAIR **(for students in our Transportation Division: Automotive, Collision, Diesel) 
Thursday, February 17, 2022 - The Transportation Center

**NOTE: Hiring an Intern is a GREAT way to introduce students to your business early on. More than 70% of Thaddeus Stevens students who worked in their field the summer between their 1st and 2nd year ended up staying with that company when they graduated - class of 2019 



Due to COVID-19 employers were not permitted on campus during the 2020-2021 Academic year, so we hosted two virtual job fairs for the first time. 

  • We utilized Brazen for our Virtual Job Fairs. 
  • Students from All program majors were included in BOTH job fairs - half of the students attended the February event and the other half attended the March event (in theory - there were some exceptions). 
  • While we know this was not perfect (it was a first for us, too) and we would MUCH RATHER see you all in person, this was the "next best thing" for now.   


COMBINED TOTALS for Thaddeus Stevens’ Spring Virtual Job Fairs (February and March):


  • 871 students registered; 654 Students (75%) attended – 65% higher than national average – benchmark for student attendance for all of Brazen’s College Virtual Job Fairs is 40-50%).
  • Side Note: In February 2020, during our Face-to-face, on-campus Job Fairs, 924 students attended the events (with more than 200 companies attending) – considering virtual events were our only option this year, our student participation was exceptional (much better than expected)!


  • 113 individual companies attended over the two events (48 of those companies attended both job fairs).
  • Note: the platform limited us to 80 booths per event – we were able to squeeze in an additional few booths at the March event.
  • 227 Employer Reps attended the two events (101 attended both events)


  • A total of 2,421 Chats were completed!!
  • On average, 3.7 chats/student

Prep Sessions:

  • Between February 1st and March 26th, the Career Services office completed 51 Virtual Job Fair Prep Sessions (AAS program majors – Freshmen and Sophomore; and some short-term classes as well) – THANK YOU FACULTY for giving up time for me to visit with your students!
  • We were able to reach roughly 900 students via Zoom/Teams virtual meetings during those sessions.


Employer Best Practices - Student/Graduate Recruitment

**NOTE - Please continue to check back as we navigate our "new normal" and introduce Virtual Job Fairs and other Recruitment Events while on-campus access is limited.

 In addition to full-time employment opportunities for our graduates, we are always looking for internship placements for current students over the summer and throughout the academic year.

Laurie Q. Grove
Director of Career Services


RECAP from our last "on-campus" Annual Spring Job Fair(s) - February 12-13, 2020


  • 670+ Employer Representatives attended the two-day on-campus event (more than 85 were TSCT Alumni!).
  • Those employers represented 256 Companies from PA and neighboring states.


  • 930 current sophomore and freshmen students attended (85%).

External Activity / Photos of the Event

  • Students from Cedar Crest High School and McCaskey High School toured the college on Career Fair day. They had the opportunity to see the Career Fair and hear from our employers on the benefits of continuing their education beyond high school at a college like Thaddeus Stevens.

    Bird's Eye View of Job/Internship Fair:

  • Some of our TSCT Alumni Employer Reps!