COVID Updates

2021-2022 Academic Year Updates

Thaddeus Stevens College is planning to open in fall 2021 with expanded on-campus learning. While general education classes will remain online, all labs and shops are planned to be held in-person on campus. In addition, student housing will expand to two students per dorm room. Extracurricular activities and athletics are expected to resume.  Refer to the Health and Safety Plan for details. 


Health & Safety Plan

View the 2021-2022 Health and Safety Plan below.

2021-2022 HEALTH AND SAFETY Plan 

Guidance for Quarantine 

If you have been in close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, you will be notified and required to Quarantine. Refer to the guide below on direction for quarantine. 

Guidance for Quarantine 


All students who will be staying in campus housing this year must complete a COVID-19 “Alternate Housing Form”


Campus Visitors

At this time, Thaddeus Stevens College is restricting campus visits.


  • All visitors must contact the College 24 hours prior to their campus visit.
  • Visitors will be screened upon arrival to ensure compliance with CDC guidelines.
  • Before entering campus, visitors must meet with designated personnel.
  • Approved visitors will be expected to wear a mask.
  • On campus tours are available by appointment only.
  • Students are not permitted to have guests in the resident halls.
COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement for Students- Update

June 28, 2021

Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology has operated throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff as its number one priority. At the start of the pandemic, the College ended the spring 2020 semester with several weeks of virtual learning for the safety of our students and employees, and in compliance with the Governor’s order. This was followed by the entire 2020-2021 academic year operating in a hybrid mode to allow lab and shop time for students in reduced numbers in combination with periods of full remote learning.

As COVID-19 vaccines became available and more accessible in the Spring of 2021, we were encouraged by the decreasing numbers in COVID-19 cases, and announced our plan to more fully open the campus by expanding campus housing with two students per room and bringing all shops and labs on site.  

As an additional next step to balance the opening of campus with a need to ensure the health and safety of our campus community, on May 22 we announced our decision to add the COVID-19 vaccine to our list of required vaccines for Thaddeus Stevens College students. This decision was informed by science per the CDC, trends in declining incidence of COVID-19 with increasing vaccine rates, and established laws and the legislative environment at that time. We announced our decision early in the fall 2021 planning process, prior to the end of the spring 2021 semester, to provide as much time as possible for our students to learn about their vaccine options and to provide transparency about our expectations for the fall 2021 semester. 

Since our announcement in May, conditions have changed. This has prompted us to review our Health and Safety guidelines for fall 2021, including the vaccine requirement.  Specifically, the passage of PA Senate Bill 618 by the General Assembly last Thursday brought to light changes in the conditions under which we made our decision to add the COVID-19 vaccine to our list of required vaccines for students. The bill legally bars state and local governments, schools and PA colleges and universities from requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccinations. While the bill has not yet been signed by the Governor, it shines a spotlight on the support by the PA General Assembly and their constituents across the Commonwealth to legally limit mandates for the COVID-19 vaccine in organizations throughout PA. So, after careful consideration, we are announcing that we are removing the COVID-19 vaccine from our list of required vaccines for the fall 2021 semester. We are unwavering in our belief that a highly vaccinated College community is our best strategy for staying on campus in our shops and labs, and moving toward the full campus experience that we all long for following these difficult 18 months of the pandemic.  Therefore, we strongly encourage all students, faculty and staff to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

The College will now turn our full energies on finalizing a Health and Safety Plan that emphasizes prevention and mitigation across the campus community. On July 1, 2021, the College will release its updated plan for fall 2021. The plan will contain details about how the College will operate related to COVID-19, and will be informed by CDC guidelines for Institutions of Higher Education, the PA Department of Health, and will align with the position of the legislature and the population we all serve. We will continue to put the health and safety of our campus community, and rigorous instruction programming, at the center of our plan for the fall 2021 semester.