Financial Aid

Funding your future

The process of applying for financial aid—sorting through all of the paperwork, providing the right information, making sense of it all—can sometimes be overwhelming.

We are here to help.

Each year, our financial aid staff assists more than 90 percent of our students with financial aid. Financial aid is a combination of three key sources of funding:

This website is to help you understand these types of financial assistance, as well as how to apply for them.

We hope, by working together, you will be able to reach all of your educational goals without financial hardship, now or in the future.


Additional Information on Your Current Status

This link will take you to the College Portal.  You will need to log-in to portal as you have done in the past.  Select "Financial Aid" under Student Services.  Once on the Financial Aid page you can view your financial aid awards and/or check any missing information/documents that we need listed under "missing information/documents".


Upload Financial Aid Documents Here

Submission of outstanding documents to financial aid can be done through this link on the portal.

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