Policies and Procedures for Establishing a Scholarship
for Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology Students

Funding a Scholarship

There are several ways to fund scholarships at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology. They include gifts of cash, stocks and securities, bequests, trusts, life insurance policies and memorials.

Types of Scholarships

1. Named Endowed Scholarship

Established to honor or memorialize an individual, to create a corporate presence, or to promote the needs of Stevens College students, an endowed scholarship provides a permanent funding base from which scholarships can be awarded. A Named Endowed Scholarship may be established with an initial gift of at least $25,000 or through gifts totaling $25,000 or more over a period of up to four years. An endowed scholarship will be awarded when the fund has sufficient earnings to reach at least $1,000 for an annual scholarship award, unless specified otherwise by the donor. It is recommended that scholarship criteria be as non-specific as possible in order to benefit a wide range of qualified students. Criteria that is too restrictive may not be able to be awarded in a given year. The donor or other interested parties may make gifts to the fund at any time. 

2. General Scholarship Fund

Contributions of any amount designated for student scholarships are important as well. These contributions will be placed in the Thaddeus Stevens Foundation General Scholarship Fund and pooled with other scholarship contributions to the fund to achieve a meaningful award to a qualified student. All donors to the General Scholarship fund will be recognized in the College/Foundation Annual Report.

Procedure for Establishment of a Scholarship

All requests from donors for information on establishing one of the scholarship types listed above will be referred to the Foundation Director for follow-up.

Scholarship Donation Schedule

  • Fall scholarships: Deadline for new donations is June 1
  • Spring scholarships: Deadline for new donations is November 15

Company Tuition Reimbursement

If a company wishes to fund a student’s tuition (all or in part) in exchange for an employment agreement, this is defined as tuition reimbursement, not scholarship. Tuition reimbursement involves a contract between a company and a student of their choosing, and monies will go directly to the College’s tuition account. The Foundation will not be involved in this process. Options for recognition (i.e., at the program’s advisory meeting) will be offered. Requests for information on tuition reimbursement will be referred to the Director of Career Services and/or the Director of Financial Aid.

Request Information - Establishing a Scholarship

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