Metalcasting Technology & Manufacturing Management Certificate

Fast track your future in one of America's hottest careers

Metalcasting takes molten liquid metal and pours it into a mold to form complex shapes. Nearly everything around us has been touched by metalcasting, from airplanes to Olympic medals. The modern metalcasting industry is one of the largest recyclers in the country, reducing large amounts of scrap metal. 

In the Metalcasting Technology and Manufacturing Management program at Thaddeus Stevens College, you will learn the science and technology of metalcasting and will apply those to the newest trends in modern casting. A unique core of management classes will also prepare graduates to progress rapidly from entry level to supervisory and management positions. 

The curriculum in this intensive program starts with the basics of the role of metalcasting in modern manufacturing, properties of metals, patterns design and production, molding sand properties, mold making, metal preparation and melting, pouring metal and finishing. A core group of management and leadership courses will add to the graduates's skill to quickly assimilate into the modern metalcasting environment. 

Equipment students work with includes personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect them from the casting environment. 

Metalcasting Technology and Manufacturing management students...

  • are problem solvers and leaders
  • utilize physics, chemistry, and statistics
  • are mechanically inclined
  • are technologically and computer literature
  • pay close attention to detail

Metalcasting Technicians find immediate work in the industry.

Metalcasting Technicians are on a path to becoming a leader, foreman, supervisor or management in the growing field of modern metalcasting technology. 

To learn more about a career in Metalcasting Technology, click on the link below  (produced by the American Foundry Society)


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