Machine Tool & CAM - Schedule & Curriculum


MACH 106 Blueprint Reading and Related Math 3
MACH 112 Cutting Tools and Measurement 3
MACH 118 Lathe and Vertical Milling Machine I 4
MACH 123 Surface Grinding and Abrasive Machining I 2
MATH 137 Intermediate Algebra 3
ENG 106 Composition I 3

MACH 158 Lathe and Vertical Milling Machine II 3
MACH 168 Machine Skills Lab 3
MACH 172 Computer Numerical Control I 3
MATH 141 Trigonometry 3
ENG 216 or ENG 221 3

MACH 229 Machine Skills Lab II 4
MACH 267 Electrical Discharge Machining 1
MACH 161 Metallurgy 2
CIS 105 Drawing with AutoCad 3
SCIENCE Any Physics or Chem Course 3

MACH 257 Machine Skills Lab III or 4
MACH 231 Machine Tool Internship
Humanities Elective 3

ELECTIVE General Education Elective 3
HEAL Elective HEAL 106 or HEAL 111 1


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MACH 106 (3 credits)
Blueprint Reading and Related Math
Interpretation of industrial drawings, basic skills in sketching,
and applied mathematics.

MACH 112 (3 credits)
Cutting Tools and Measurement
Procedures and techniques required to perform skilled bench work and use of precision measuring instruments. Variety of drill press, bench grinding, and power-sawing operations are introduced and exercised. Prerequisite: MACH 106

MACH 118 (4 credits)
Lathe and Vertical Milling Machining I
This course introduces students to the lathe and vertical milling machine. Students are exposed to a wide variety of related operations. Prerequisite: MACH 106

MACH 123 (2 credits)
Surface Grinding and Abrasive Machining I
Procedures and techniques required to safely set up and operate surface grinding equipment. Prerequisite: MACH 106

MACH 158 (3 credits)
Lathe and Vertical Milling Machining II
Techniques and procedures taught in MACH 118 are enhanced and reinforced. This course introduces students to more advanced techniques and procedures used on the lathe and the vertical milling machine. Prerequisites: MACH 106 and MACH 118

MACH 161 (2 credits)
Covering the basic principles of metallurgy, this course clarifies many industrial processes. Students gain an understanding of quenching, annealing, case hardening, tempering, and crystallization.

MACH 168 (3 credits)
Machine Skills Lab
This is a lab intensive course which provides students with extensive hands-on training. Assigned projects aid students
in gaining critical experience contributing to a well-rounded machining education. Prerequisites: MACH 112, MACH 118, MACH 123, and MACH 158

MACH 172 (3 credits)
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) I
Introducing students to basic CNC concepts, this course explains and exercises Cartesian coordinates, codes, positioning systems, tooling, and word address programming. Prerequisite: MACH 118

MACH 222 (3 credits)
Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Machining (CAD/CAM) I
This course introduces the use of MasterCAM® as a tool for defining part geometry and generating CNC machine code. Two-axis and three-axis applications are demonstrated, along with the use of the CAD/CAM applications. The AutoCAD® system is introduced as a drafting system to be linked with MasterCAM®.

MACH 227 (3 credits)
Computer Numerical Control II
This course expands upon introductory concepts learned in CNC I and provides for increased hands-on application of learned material. Some advanced programming techniques include circular interpolation, cutter, compensation, and subroutines. Students learn how to inspect precision parts with the coordinate measuring machine and are required to complete specific laboratory work to gain confidence in working with the CNC machines. Prerequisite: MACH 172

MACH 229 (4 credits)
Machine Skills Lab II
Students complete advanced project work on lathes and milling machines during laboratory time. On the lathe, advanced threading, boring, and the use of attachments such as steady and follower rests are studied. Preparing machined parts for heat-treating and required grinding are stressed and exercised in this course. Prerequisites: MACH 168 and MATH 137

MACH 231 (4 credits)
Machine Tool Internship
The course is a prearranged, structured learning experience scheduled within a specific time frame. The experience is relevant to an intern’s academic goals and to the competencies of this program. Machine Tool Technology internships serve as a capstone experience to the academic instruction received at Thaddeus Stevens College and provide interns with an opportunity to gain practical work experience in the machining industry. Prerequisites: MACH 227, MACH 229, and instructor

MACH 267 (1 credit)
Electrical Discharge Machining
Both theoretical and practical application of electrical discharge machining are taught. Students learn how EDM machining is performed by individually setting-up, programming, and completing lab assignments on a wire EDM machine. Prerequisites: MACH 158 and MACH 161

MACH 272 (3 credits)
Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Machining (CAD/CAM) II
This course teaches intermediate-level use of MasterCAM®
as a tool for defining part geometry for both lathe and milling. Two-axis and three-axis applications are demonstrated along with the use of CAD/CAM applications. Three-dimensional surfacing and solids are taught. Prerequisite: MACH 222

MACH 276 (3 credits)
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) III
Provides students with additional time to perform specific advanced laboratory exercises in both programming and setup operations on the CNC equipment. Advanced concepts studied include CAM applications, cavity milling ramping, threading, and live tooling on the lathe. A manufacturing group project are completed that utilizes CAM and CNC. Prerequisite: MACH 227

MACH 277 (4 credits)
Machine Skills Lab III
This is a lab-based course and offers hands-on experience under work-like conditions. In-depth CNC and manual projects build on skills acquired in previous coursework. Students are required to perform operations on both CNC and manual equipment in order to complete lab assignments. Upon successful completion of this course, students should have the necessary skills to be employed as an entry-level machinist. Prerequisites: MACH 227 and MACH 229

MACH 278 (3 credits)
Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Machining (CAD/CAM) III
This course teaches an intermediate level use of CAD/CAM software for generating code for use on multi-axis machine tools. Solid modeling will be introduced as a design tool as well as a method for generating NC code. This course will emphasize the connection between design and machine tool applications.
Prerequisites: MACH 272