Value Proposition

Founded 1905; Wholly Owned by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania


  1. Provide economically disadvantaged individuals in Pennsylvania a technical education that will enable them to break the cycle of poverty and become productive citizens. Stevens Grant for all Pell-eligible students (54%) includes tuition, room, board, books and tools). Only responsible for EFC on FAFSA.
  2. Support the critical technical workforce needs of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania


  1. 2,800 applicants for Fall 2018 (up 300 over Fall 2017) for 700 openings in the Freshman class
  2. Fall 2018 Enrollment up 91 Students to 1,233
  3. 34.8% (365) students with disabilities
  4. 1,400 employers with more than 3,000 jobs for 400 graduates (Class of 2018)
  5. Progression Rate: 72.4%; Graduation Rate: 64.3% (Class of 2017)
  6. Overall Placement Rate: 99%; In-Major 93% (82% Response Rate) (class of 2017)
  7. 97% of graduates remain in Pennsylvania (Class of 2015, 2016 and 2017)

External Measures of Effectiveness:

  1. Forbes: Ninth Best Two-Year College in America 2018
  2. Aspen Institute: Top Ten Percent of Two-Year Colleges in America since inception of Award
  3. United States Department of Education: Out-performing 28 two-year benchmark colleges in New York, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
  4. Middle States Re-accreditation highest possible; No Recommendations; Two Commendations

Internal Measures of Effectiveness (Class of 2017):

  1. Cost per student decreased $662 (Based on State appropriation)
  2. Median student loan debt: $9,000
  3. Median base starting salary: $42,499

Questions to Ask When Considering Postsecondary Education:

  1. Of the students who started the program I am interest in, what percent graduated?
  2. What is the program’s median base starting salary for graduates?
  3. What is the median student loan debt of graduates of the program?
  4. How satisfied are your graduates with their education?
  5. How satisfied are employers who hire graduates with their preparation?
  6. Where are graduates of this program five years following graduation?