Withdrawal from Stevens

Student Initiated
The student should meet with a counselor and complete a Withdrawal Questionnaire and return to the Registrar's Office. The student should also check with the Financial Aid Office to see if they need any information from the student. The student should return all school properties to the appropriate parties. Room keys should be returned to the Residence Hall Director or the Director of Residence Life.

Withdrawing students should vacate the campus by 4:30pm the day following the notification of withdrawal. In some instances the student will be asked to depart the evening of notification of withdrawal.

Administrative Dismissal
Stevens reserves the right to end the enrollment of any student if, in the opinion of the College, further association is not in the best interest of the student or the College.

The following may be causes for administrative dismissal of a student:
    1. Neglecting to meet financial obligations
    2. Not following college policies and procedures
    3. Failing to meet academic requirements
    4. Lack of effort or interest; failing to demonstrate safe policies
    5. Failing to be academically honest

To be eligible for a refund, a student must have initiated and completed the entire withdrawal procedure. Refer to refund policy for further information.